Welcome to the BHSU QuarkNet Project
Black Hills State University has entered the world of particle physics in a joint effort with QuarkNet and the Homestake Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab (DUSEL) to bring the science of astroparticle physics to the students of South Dakota. The project involves a research team of Black Hills State University faculty, undergraduate students, and High School teachers participating in research projects at DUSEL and delivering inquiry-oriented investigations about kinematics, particles, waves, electricity and magnetism, energy and momentum, radioactive decay, optics, relativity, forces, and the structure of matter to teachers and students throughout the state. The study of particle physics and high energy particle physics is essential to continued expanding of knowledge and understanding of our universe and our own exsistence. It is also responsible for many of the technological advances that we find in our everyday lives. [[ |Advances]] The exsistance of the World Wide Web which is as common as the newspaper in our lives, or is maybe even replacing, owes its conception to the particle physics researchers at CERN who were trying to find a way to share massive amounts of data with collaberators around the world. Sorry Mr. Gore, we can't give you credit for inventing the WWW, but keep going with this Global Warming thing!
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